Angels & Champions for Cancer Research 2019


It was a pleasure to be with you on December 3rd for our 20th Anniversary Fundraising Event, Angels & Champions for Cancer Research. We hope you enjoyed the event and now understand a little bit better what The Beljanski Foundation is about, has accomplished so far, and how we are working on helping more people with cancer and other autoimmune diseases in the future.

Dr. John Hall, director of research for The Beljanski Foundation, gave an overview of the Foundation’s new research project on the deadliest skin cancer, melanoma. An extract of green teas with impressive anti-cancer potential shows activity against melanoma cancer cells. This green tea extract will be combined with Beljanski’s golden leaf Ginkgo extract in a topical preparation to promote healthy skin and help prevent cancer. Already known for prevention and treatment of skin fibrosis, the Ginkgo extract may also give protection against skin cancer. Indeed, Dr. Hall proposed experiments to reveal a specific anti-melanoma effect of the Ginkgo extract—an extremely promising therapeutic approach.

If you have any questions about the research we are conducting and our fundraising efforts to support this research, please reach out to us at